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OK, before you start clicking all over the place here... see if you can find the face of a man in the picture below in less then four seconds.  
This is not a trick or one of those "magic eye" images. Somewhere in the photo below, hiding between all those the coffee beans, is a mans face. It's like "Where's Waldo." OK, so relax your eyes, concentrate and think "where is a man's face".

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Find the mans face somewhere in the coffee beans...

Can YOU find the Hidden Man in the big pile of roasted coffee beans?

            Hover cursor over picture to enlarge

If you find him in less then four seconds, the right side of your brain is very sharp. If you need between four seconds and one minute, then the right side of your brain is about normal. If it takes you more then one minute, then the right side of your brain is operating below average and you need to drink more quality gourmet coffee. Now, if you haven't found his face after an hour or more the right side of your brain is a total train wreck and you might need some counseling for feeling like you must beat the picture - in this case please (please) click "Tell me where he is" J


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